What do I need from you?

March 10, 2007

Kagematsu has received a fair amount of playtesting over the past year…just about as much as I can expect from my group of regulars.  Thanks to Danielle, it also received a little scrutiny from the GenCon gang last summer.  I’m at the point now where I’d like others to give it a pass.

Any comments are useful.  Mechanically speaking, I think the dice and numbers are about where they need to be.  I’m more concerned now with squeezing the most out of what I have.  I want it to sing.

I’m not pleased with the character creation.  It’s functional, but uninspired.  Suggestions and brainstorming are more than welcome.

The rules for The Confrontation have been drastically re-written and need to be playtested.  They look good to me on paper, but I need the melodrama to really come through at that stage of the game.  I’m particularly concerned about depriving players of the ability to tell the ending to their character’s story…it’s there to add consequence to the decisions, but is it too big a whammy? 

I need to know which parts of the text are unclear.  It’s only a playtest document, but even so, I need people to be able to understand it.  I’ll be posting examples of play over time, which should help clarify, so let me know which parts specifically need to be elaborated upon.

I’ll have more, which I’ll post in individual threads, but those are the big ones I can remember just now.


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