What is Kagematsu?

March 9, 2007

Kagematsu is the role-playing game I’m currently designing.

In it, one person assumes the role of Kagematsu, a wayward samurai who wanders into a village beset by a terrible evil.  Everyone else plays the village’s women, who see in Kagematsu a potential savior.  The game plays out as a series of romantic (or not-so-romantic) encounters as the women attempt to entice Kagematsu into staying and defending their little village.  In the end, they must ply the hope he provides against the thing they fear most, or be lost entirely.

Kagematsu is designed to be played in a single evening.  It plays best with around 4 people, and you absolutely can not play it without out at least one female in your group.  If you want to playtest it, the rules can be found in the “The Rules” tab up above, or you can e-mail me for a proper pdf document.


One Response to “What is Kagematsu?”

  1. Kacy Says:

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